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"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Tasha recently so if you are considering any type of artistic calligraphy, she offers not only professionalism but kindness and out of this world talent. My fiancé and I were looking to add something special to our wedding invitation suite and thought artistic calligraphy would be the way to go. Tasha came highly recommended and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with since our very first communication and I recommend her for many reasons...."   ~ Joanna Drake (Pitstick)


Artistic writing hand lettered calligraphy
 “Calligraphy”, “artistic handwriting” or “scripting”; call it what you will, nothing adds a touch of classic elegance to an invitation, greeting, or advertisement like calligraphy. No computer generation elicits the same impression as handwritten calligraphy. Your event or product deserves the beauty of this fine art form.

Weddings and Events Calligraphy Addressing
weddings calligraphy invitationsYour event is special; the invitation should be as distinctive! Calligraphy is the perfect medium for addressing envelopes, inscribing invitations, and incorporating designs in handwritten, artisan style to enhance the superior presentation of your message.  Calligraphy conveys eclectic artistry in a way none other than handwritten creations are able to achieve.  Your invitations and displays will express the exceptional attention to detail you’ve given to planning with the exquisite quality only handwritten calligraphy can provide.
  Business Marketing Calligraphy Addressing
Distinguish your mailings from the rest!  You wouldn’t immediately discard a hand addressed envelope as junk mail and neither will your prospective customers! Your message will be immediately valued for its aesthetic beauty – it’s that special touch handwritten addressing provides!

Hand addressed envelopes are opened 72% more often than computer generated addresses.


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